Pharmedical International is a pharmaceutical and medical health care distribution center.  The main business is focused on the distribution of pharmaceutical and health care products in Spain for hospitals, clinics and pharmacies, with the aim of establishing a source of communication between drug manufacturing laboratories and the end user, thus devoting all their effort and commitment to the satisfaction of internal and external customers, as well as health advertising within the society.

Antonio Pérez-Corvera (CEO)

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In response to our global strategy, Pharmedical International is committed to provide innovative and high quality service, allowing us to offer products that meet expectations and regulations with the European Authorities, Professional Healthcare and End Users.
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The experience of Mr. Pérez-Corvera in the Pharmaceutical Health Care Industry features more than 20 years as a pro in all areas of the sector. His professional knowledge as Sales and Marketing Manager in important companies such as Sun Pharmaceuticals Spain. Mayne Pharma Spain and Pharmaceutical Laboratories Rovi, give an unsurpassed level of skills and experiences.

As a senior level manager in the distribution field of finished pharmaceutical products, he has an extensive knowledge about the needs of GMP and GDP jobs in the EU, working with clients to improve or, if necessary, create quality management systems including processes and procedures to ensure operational excellence in compliance with all the legal standards.


The new facilities Pharmedical International, are specialized on the control of the distribution of drugs to hospitals, clinics and pharmacy services, thus constituting an important link for the pharmaceutical quality of warranty to ensure that the product offered in the market preserves the certified features by the laboratory, and determine their safe and effective use. These facilities also perform other functions of health care interest: ensuring the authenticity of the products they consume and supply; monitoring and traceability of each lot put on the market, in order to effectively carry out its withdrawal whenever needed, minimizing risks to public health and traffic control substances and products under particular control measuresaccording to the terms of Royal Decree 2259/1994 of 25 November, BOE January 14, 1995, by which pharmaceutical stores and wholesale distribution of drugs and pharmaceutical products for human use are regulated.



The transport service and temperature-controlled logistics for the pharmaceutical sector is performed with the latest advances in FrioFarma and Pharma <25 º C. Relying on the development of an environmental program, the thermal breakthrough in online traceability and implementation of an active and configurable alerts and temperature alarm system during storage and transportation can respond to your needs in less than 24h, anywhere in the country.


One of the main purposes of Pharmedical International, is to achieve optimal service satisfaction during the delivery, in the support and distribution of new drugs to hospitals, clinics and pharmacies nationwide as well as to be at the forefront of pharmaceutical distribution. Through standard operating procedures (SOPs), we provided an adequate and parameterized response based on customer needs, establishing guidelines to implement the policies on quality of the company.


Our commitment is in rapidity and effectiveness; a problem: a solution. The different departments and the human team is part of Pharmedical International, they constantly analyze in detail the incidents that may arise, providing integrated solutions to potential conflicts.